Camping Cooking Equipment That You Shouldn’t Miss

Camp Cooking Equipment

In addition to tents, the equipment you need to bring when camping in the mountains is the camping cooking equipment. Cooking tools are very important for the survival of you on the mountain. Use cookware that makes you comfortable when climbing.

  1. Stoves field

If you choose to use the stove type field like this, do not forget to bring the gas fuel cans. Cookware in mountain that you should bring and not to miss is the stove. There are several options stove mountain that you can use. Stoves field as shown above at most be an option climbers. In addition to its affordability, its small size is into consideration. The fuel used for the camping cooking equipment was easily found in the market. You can buy the fuel gas cans at the supermarket part of the cooking equipment.

  1. Gas cans

Gas cans like this that you need. Tin stoves and gas field is a unity that can not be separated. If one of them is damaged, you have to be prepared to cook conventional models, use artificial furnace. Although the price is not expensive, about 17 thousand rupiah, but quite wasteful as well if every mountain camping to buy a new gas canister. One way of circumventing inefficient use of gas requirement is to recharge. Not many people know if the gas cans of the camping cooking equipment could be replenished. If you live in Semarang, you can refill the gas cans at the fathers repair a gas lighter front of the city the old Post Office. For areas outside Semarang, you can try to ask repair services provider local gas lighter.

  1. Cooking sets or nesting may also

Stoves, gas, and cooking sets ye shall take it. Alternatively, they can use nesting. In the past, many climbers use nesting for cooking side dishes, vegetables and rice on the mountain. Over time, nesting is replaced with cooking set made of aluminum weighs less. Even so, there are climbers who use nesting as the camping cooking equipment. I personally prefer to use cooking sets anyway. Substantially complete (one set consists pan, bowl, and spatula) and lightweight. If no cooking set, you can use nesting. But it is heavier.

  1. Use a more practical brand

You can choose brand cooking set that the contents of mini teapots, pans and a stove methylated. One set of brand usually does not including methylated orange colored tube that. But, if you bring good brand, you can leave the field and gas burner cans. Because this brand cooking sets have the stove in it. Stove fuel uses methylated. If the count of the camping cooking equipment is calculated fuel cost issues, stove little more frugal.

  1. Tubes methylated that you must take

If you already take cooking sets brand, do not carry gas cans. Bring orange tube this. Tubes are sold separately. You have to buy the gas cylinder itself after buying cooking sets brand.

  1. Fuel white spirit is also important

Use methylated as fuel stove. Fuel for the stove that you use is methylated. You may buy it in the shop building. The price was fairly cheap. One liter sold ranges from 10,000 to 16,000 rupees.

  1. The multipurpose folding knife as the camping cooking equipment

Instead of carrying a knife, you better bring a complete set of knives is. Instead of just carrying a knife, you better bring a penknife. A set of folding knives have different types of knives. Cookware on mountain is not only used for cooking but also for other purposes such as cutting the rope climbing.

  1. More practical spoon and fork folding

Spoons, forks, and is quite practical folding knife. We recommend that you bring a spoon and fork folding, more practical and do not require a lot of space to store it.

  1. The plates and plastic cups

Bringing a plate and a glass beaker of the camping cooking equipment will only add weight climbing, the only plastics lighter.

  1. Firestarter

Stoves field can be lit without a match, but just in case if the stove was broken bring lighters. If you forget to carry this thing when climbing a mountain, you have to have the mental to borrow in the tent next to the climber. Who knows who had a match looking, could be invited to a photo together.

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