Extreme Terrain Camping – Water Is A Must!

Extreme Terrain Camping

extreme camping

Do you love adventure? More challenges will be more fun. For greater experience, you can try an extreme terrain camping. Extreme terrain is generally mountains without clear trails. Do you want to try this challenge? It will be great experience for you.

There are several different terrains that are rough to trek through. In an extreme terrain, you will need heavy hiking boots and gear to protect your feet from getting injured. When you are doing extraordinarily tiring activities, you will become dehydrated faster than you would do a regular hiking.

You need to bring more water. You should also know how to get water on extreme terrain camping. But ‘almost’ as important as water is having the best tactical flashlight so you can find the water if it exists which is does. This is very important thing that should be known so you can minimize the bad risk.

When you are running out of water on you trip, you do not need to worry. If you are panic, there will be more sweats from your body. You will lose more liquids from your body.

The recommended way is you should keep calm and then find the solution. There are several ways for getting water on extreme terrain camping. At this time, I want to tell you several ways that can be applied to get water in your trip.

Step 1. You can check your map for blue squiggly signs. Those are the signs of rivers and creeks. You can get the water from the river. If you want to consume it, you should boil the water so it will be safer.

Step 2. You can also search under the surface of gravel and dried river. Dig along the outer edge of a sharp curve, overdraft inside, or along the base of the cliff. You may find moisture. These can be places where you can find water.

Step 3. Try to look for trees and big shrubs blob. It shows the closest seepage. The seepage can be under the shrub blob. When you find the moist sand, you need to keep digging. You may get the seepage. The thick moss on a tree in the west or back to the sunrise can show the place of water. You may find a sign of water from cactus with large leaves pad, on the rattan trees, bamboo, wild banana trees, banyan trees and other large trees.

Step 4. A long valley in the canyon are usually formed by water, so there will be water in there. You will get the water if you can find this valley.

Step 5. You can use a piece of plastic or fabric to accommodate the dew at night. You can also use it to accommodate rain water. You can also get the water from wrapping the tree leaves since you will get the water from photosynthesis at night.

According to one of scout magazines, you can get water in the forest from several ways, like:

  1. From several plants or trees, such as banana, cane, bamboo, palm, tubers, roots, ferns, and cacti. These trees have enough water to be drunk in urgent condition.

  2. Gather the morning dew by using a clean handkerchief. Soak up your handkerchief in dewy plants then squeeze into a pan.

  3. Stone soil. There are several spots that can provide water, like:

    • Limestone soil. It is usually has more springs because the lime can be easily dissolved to form the drains.

    • Along the walls of the valley that cuts the porous layer.

    • On the granite rocky areas. You should look for the green grassy hill, and then dig.

  1. The arable land. In arable soil, you can get water easily. You should look for areas of the valley, because the surface of the water is near the soil surface.

  2. Condensation of Soil-Tree or distillery. With a temperature difference between the ground and the trees, we can obtain pure water which is the result of the condensation process. The necessary tools are simple. You just need plastic and strap.

  3. Distillation. You need to look for a clean and healthy tree. And then look for small branch that can be easily reached. Wrap with plastic (do not leak) and tie with string or anything. This situation will lead to the evaporation of water. You need to look for a clean tree. It is better for you to make sure that the land where the tree grows is not smelly. You will get safer water from clean tree. Dig the soil to form a basin, but not too deep from the growing tree. Insert plastic and set it in such a way so the water will float well. Then, tie the end (to cover the entire plant) and hang on the wooden stem that is propped up well. This will cause evaporation produces water that we can use to drink.

Those are several ways that you can try to get water in an extreme terrain camping.

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