Hiking Myths That Sound Impossible But It Is Real

Myths That Sound Impossible

Have you ever imagined hiking at Everest that has more than thousand kilos or meter you should do? There are many people that love to hike want to go to Everest to feel the sensation of it. Some people should believe that there is nothing wrong with the chance you should take when you are going to the place that almost everyone wants. The first and the most common things that every hiker should do is asking to the locals about the rules or myth that every member of hiking should follow because the system is indeed to break.

  1. The presence of luminous blue butterfly became a sign you are well received by the inhabitants of the mount

Most hikers claimed to have seen black butterflies surrounded by a blue light when hiking to the summit of Mountain. According to the beliefs of residents, the presence of the butterfly signifies that hikers come with a clean heart and are well received by the residents of the mountain. This sign usually happens in Asian mountain, especially in Indonesia. That thing must be so beautiful seeing the beautiful butterflies with blue colors, and it is the sign to welcome your presence in the mountain. This thing can be your motivation to keep going when you have dreamed so long

  1. Starlings the signpost will help all the hikers who come with a clean heart.

Starling is an incarnation of the guard at Mountain. This bird appears and gives signs to make it easier for visitors to hike to the top. People around say those starlings will only give clues to the hikers that come with a clean heart. Don’t wait for the starlings, but just always keep thinking that you go hiking with positive heart and have a clear purpose that you want to be close to the nature and the creator, God.

  1. Do not complain a lot when hiking, because your complaint will be quickly granted like a prayer

Whatever you feel in hiking, try to always keep the attitude and words. Because what you say it is like going into a prayer. For example, you complained of heat or exhaustion. You will feel hotter and more tired. So better keep complaining of anything that was in the heart to keep the goods and good atmosphere when you are in your survival journey in hiking. It is important to keep the dream and one day you will find the right day to make it happen. When you complain a lot, this thing may distract the concentration of those who hear it.

  1. Abstinence hike with an odd number and a ban on hiking the shades of green clothing

If you intend to hike to the summit of Mountain, try not to come up with an odd number. It is said that the number of odd it would bring bad luck. Many stories that tell the number of the group of hikers who so even if it comes with an odd number. Also, try not to wear shades of green because green is synonymous with mystical things in Central Java.

  1. Mythical demon market presence is also known in Mountain.

Not just in Mountain, mythical demon markets also exist in other mountains. The market devil is occult phenomena form a kind of lively voices in a market that is often experienced hikers on the mountain. Said some people, if you hear the voices of unseen ye must pluck a leaf and dropped it to the ground.

That was five myths and taboos prevailing in Mountain. Come to think with common sense, myths above are quite rational. For example about the ban on the use of green dress in a certain mountain, it may sound stupid, but the myth is forever a myth that you cannot avoid that from obeying the myth as it is your way to keep moving in your survival journey.

Presumably, the green color will make the hiker looks similar to the trees. If the hiker is lost, would be difficult to find. You are free to believe or not. Importantly, our advice anyone intending to hike the mountain shall be extra careful in the act and said. If you have any interesting stories about other mountains, do not forget to share so that you can enjoy other readers.

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